What I Do

Web, Mobile & More

I have spent my career developing the knowledge, skills, and practical experiences to create solutions for all types of platforms. I have taken on projects including web and web applications, digital mapping, e-commerce, native mobile, kiosks, IOT, digital displays, and more.

I have worked for clients including Northeastern University, Georgetown University, The University of New Hampshire, Red Bull, Karhu Shoes, Craft USA, Atomic Ski & Snowboard, EMC, Mountain Sports International, Equity Office, Hines RE, Equity Residential, and The Yellowstone Club just to name a few. I can work with you on design concepts all the way through development, release, and maintenance after. Let’s connect and discuss what your needs are and how I can help.

Digital Strategy

Are you stuck? Do you not know where to start on your new project? Maybe you have an older project or system that is in desperate need of an update and it seems like an impossible task? Do you centralize control? Do you move to micro-services?

Having tackled projects both new and existing, I have the experience to help you define a digital strategy to get where you want to be. Working with key stake-holders, audience research, and gathering other requirements, I can work with you to refine an overall project scope. One the scope is set, we can determine options for possible phases of work to be done as well as technologies to help you get across the finish line as quickly and easily as possible.

Seo & Analytics

How do people find your product and where are they coming from? How do you know how your customers interact with your product? Do you already have an existing analytics platform but you need help in squeezing every last ounce of information possible out of it?

I can help you optimize your project for search engines through code markup, content structure, copy edits, META data, and more. This work will help to improve your sites natural search ranking, and coupled with a well-crafted search engine marketing campaign can drive your site to a better overall search rank. Search Engine Optimization coupled with the use of an analytics package, such as Google, will allow insights into how your clients use your product and provide powerful insight into improvements to boost your ROI.


Has your development process become too large or cumbersome to manage easily? Do you spend more time working in the tools that you are using to build with rather than building?

I can help evaluate your current process and work up a plan to help streamline your workflow. Whether it be automating installations, virtual hosts, containerization, or implementing on-site or remote Git I have experience with many tools and techniques to speed things up.