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A modern WordPress theme...and so much much more!

Semplice has been a project many years in the making. It is the culmination of work to make my life easier when building out WordPress sites and tips and tricks learned about how to allow for maximum CMS flexibility without sacrificing stability. Rather than starting from scratch each time with a blank theme or copying a previous site that would require hours of work to update the design Semplice provides a consistent and easily tweakable platform on which to build.

Built around the concept of a single page template and modular blocks, users can quickly and easily create pages and arrange content blocks as needed. All screen sizes from desktop to phones is already addressed both in the theme as well as each of the content blocks. This means that there is very little that needs to be done to get a site up and running quickly. It also provides the flexibility to make custom edits to an organized set of CSS files.


The Semplice theme is designed to work out of the box. The base design is clean and intuitive, with font sizing, colors, and screen size breaks pre-defined. This same approach was also taken when creating the themes content blocks, which range from simple copy to complex grids for galleries of imagery. Each of the modules relies on the theme itself for styling, so customizing your site doesn’t require changes to the content blocks themselves.


  • Clean, easy to use front-end design
  • Simple to manage and control CMS
  • 19 pre-built content modules
  • Simple single page template system
  • Pre-built and styled navigation for all screen sizes allowing for 2 nested levels
  • Protected media option